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How to create a sitemap

I recently read an article over at that shared an ingenious method for creating a site map in Joomla! using your existing menus, menu modules, and the built-in Joomla! plugin that enables you to load a module position within a content item.

Super Secret Sitemap Trick - by Mathias Verraes

Thanks for the tip, Mathias!

Update: (12/26/2008) The JoomlaTools team have changed their TLD from .org to .eu. The links in this article have been changed to reflect this new TLD. Thanks, Alpine, for the heads up.

How to Use Multiple Menus on the Same Page

Joomla! has a problem that you may or may not know about. It is a minor problem (or major, depending on whom you ask), and it will not really affect how your website functions.

The problem exists in how Joomla! renders menus. By default, the main element that contains the menu (in the case of a "flat list" menu, it is the "ul" element) is given an id=mainlevel. This is not a problem if you are using one menu on a page. But, if you are using multiple menus on a single page, there is a conflict.

Proper XHTML markup should not have more than one element with the same id. An id should be unique for each element that is given an id, so the browser can tell them apart for the purpose of style sheets and javascript. If you use multiple menus on the same page, you are using improper XHTML markup, and you will fail XHTML validation.

You can rest easy, though, because there is a solution. Read on to find out what it is.


How to Change What Displays on the Home Page

By default, Joomla! displays the FrontPage component on the home page. The FrontPage component takes a list of content items that are published to the FrontPage and displays them in a blog layout. This will work for most sites, but some webmasters want the option to display something else on the home page. If you would like to change what is displayed on your home page, follow these steps:

Joomla! Adminstrator Menu
  1. In your administrator panel, click Menu->mainmenu.
  2. Create a new menu item that links to what you want to display on the home page.
  3. Re-order your menu items such that the item you want to display on the home page is listed first.

It really is that easy. Joomla! displays the first menu item in mainmenu as the home page. You can set anyting in your site as your home page using this method.


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